photo-video / artist / designer / writer / film maker


WEBSITE BACKSTORY – It started at the nexus of a difficult ending and a new beginning. I was leaving my art career behind, clawing my way back to Colorado, when the moving truck broke down twice on the Nevada border and I gave up. Out of the ashes of self-defeat, stranded in a café in the desert, a mysterious event occurred. A series of sketches poured through my hands at a moment in time when I’d collapsed inward and let go of all dreams and aspirations.

The last 20+ years have been completely inspired by this magical event. This website, art, writing and the movie, SkyTribe Chronicle, are my attempts at making sense of this awe-inspiring journey. It’s taken me around the planet and into realms of imagination and wonder I never knew possible. It’s made me question the very fabric of my being and the origins of inspiration and artistic vision.
To this day, I’m in awe of how the work finds its way through me, from a place in my being I can not call my own, propelled by a depth of connection to the cosmos and planet that feels ancient and emergent, celestial and terrestrial, human and trans-human.

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